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Large Sweet chocolate changing mat / Disability / Special needs / Incontinence

Large Sweet chocolate changing mat / Disability / Special needs / Incontinence

Strap colour choice available, please note the option for rainbow straps as will be paired with red closing straps.


Handmade large sized changing mats for bigger children and young adults. Can be made even longer and custom orders welcome. Use the “contact me” for more help.



They are 145cm x 64cm approximately and are wipe down material on both sides so no worry about spills, leaking pads and wet floors.


I’m sure a lot of us (like my family) have been there when we are out and about and there is nowhere to change our child other then the back of the car or a bathroom floor which is usually dirty and got wet over it. Now you can lay this down knowing you can clean it easily and keep your little one safe.



The changing mats are made with lovely thick padding in them so there is a little extra comfort and cushioning on hard floors and changing tables. With a long adjustable strap and clip buckle it makes it perfect for slinging over a wheelchair or over your shoulder.



We also use ours as a floor play/physio mat and on our daughters bed after showering to keep the bed nice and dry while we change and dress her.



Disability, special needs, play mat, after shower/ bathing. Outside play mat, wipe clean, fun and friendly designs


Colours may differ slightly depending on monitor/screen meaning colours may look slightly different in person by every care and attention has been made to show each and every items to the best and most accurately as possible

  • Dispatch time

    Please allow up to 28 days for dispatch. I aim to have everything made and posted as soon as I can. Please check for any updates on the delivery page.

Colour straps
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