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Tiddletons started out as a little bit of me time. To stitch and sew and relax. I am a mum to three beautiful girls and my twins were born extremely early at 23 weeks resulting in my eldest having multiple complex needs and being disabled. I had to leave my work to become a full time carer for my girls and that was hard, but sewing helped me as it always has done since I was a child. 

I have always loved making and sewing and stated by making craft accessories. I naturally moved in to disability and special needs accessories. It was my daughter who needed a changing mat for a holiday that prompted me to get my sewing machine out and make one as I couldn't find anything else suitable. It was then I realised that if we are having this problem then so many other families are too, and sure enough all the parents around us with special needs children and disabled children were wanting them too. Since then I have naturally continued to grow as my child and children around me needed more and I was able to help. Now you will find a range of products available and I will continue to grow and adapt along with my childs needs and with those around me. 

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